In 2020, Fay’s Studio is excited to move into the next decade as a greeting card publishing company.
It is a time to reassess our core values and ethics, and therefore we must move with the demands of
our customers. We have listened, and are making the commitment to change all of the hand-
finishing in house to use only biodegradable flitter.

We have specially sourced glitter which is made using sustainable non-GMO plant cellulose from an
award-winning UK based supplier. 10% of their net profits goes to environmental charities which we
endorse and similarly Fay’s Studio donates monthly to the WWF.

Fay only uses FSC certified board and recycled papers. Her packaging is recyclable and any deliveries
you receive will contain reused packaging and recyclable boxes, nothing goes to waste.
Likewise, Fay expects her cards to be recycled or reused. The ‘Recycle Me’ logo is displayed on the
back of each greeting card clearly for the consumer.

If you would like any further information on the materials used, we welcome your questions.